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Government Rebates - VEU Program

Ampco Electrical Services, trading as Victorian Power Savers, is accredited by the Victorian Government under the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program.
Victorian Energy Upgrades is a government energy efficiency program. Households and businesses can receive rebates or discounts on energy-saving products. This helps cut power bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This means we can offer direct discounts to our customers!

Watch this short explainer video to get a greater understanding of the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program.

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The Victorian Energy Upgrades program is a state-run financial incentive. The program aims to reduce the domestic and commercial consumption of energy through energy savings initiatives, such as through the installation of energy efficient LED lighting systems under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. While the program avails monetary incentives and rebates to domestic and industrial/commercial customers, their availability may be subject to fluctuations of supply and demand, according to state regulation.


Through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program, households are set to save up to $150 a year in electricity bills, while small to medium businesses can save an average of $670 annually. If you run a large industrial space such as a warehouse, factory, or a sizeable commercial office, your savings on electricity could add up to a much greater sum.


As our team at Victorian Power Savers is accredited by the Victorian Government under the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program, this lets us pass discount savings onto our customers. When you contract us to upgrade your existing lighting systems, we can provide government rebates on energy saving products like LED Lighting systems and other LED lighting products. Consult with us to see how your business could benefit from a free energy assessment today.

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