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Our team at Victorian Power Savers offers a complete range of energy efficient lighting options to suit most industrial and commercial work environments. The lighting systems and products we recommend will largely depend on how your workspace is set up, and what lighting systems you currently have in place. Depending on your needs, we can provide a variety of LED lighting systems that can help you save cost on your utilities spending, illuminate your workspaces effectively, and accordingly to your specific requirements.


Our product catalogue features products suited for both industrial and commercial environments. For industrial workspaces, we provide LED High Bay Lights and LED Flood Lights that can help business owners maximise the illumination of their warehouse or factory spaces without running up additional costs on their electricity bills.

LED Lighting _ Outdoor Downlights _ Affordable Prices.jpg
UFO LED High Bay Light 240W 5700K Daylight White, 34800lm, Dimmable, UL, DLC, IP65 For LED

For clients operating commercial offices or retail spaces, we often recommend energy efficient LED lighting solutions such as LED Tube Lights, LED Retail Lights, LED Oyster Lights, and LED Down Lights. These can help any office manager or business owner maximise the comfort of staff and customers, and ensure their products look their best, while ensuring that their overheads stay low.


Consult with our team today to find more than just a cost effective alternative to your current lighting systems. We are proud to be able to offer our clients government rebates as a Victorian Energy Upgrades operator. And are happy to assist with a free energy assessment if you are unsure how your premises can benefit from a professional upgrade to an energy efficient LED lighting system.



Save up to 80% of what you are currently spending on lighting in your commercial or industrial spaces.

Although the differences between a fluorescent and LED lighting system may not be immediately noticeable to the human eye, the flickering phenomena of fluorescent lighting can make occupants feel dizzy, or nauseous.


There are plenty of advantages when it comes to making the switch to energy efficient LED lighting. Primarily among these advantages is a longer lasting operational life of up to 50,000 hours. That means up to almost 6 years of operation if you were to leave your LED lights on 24 hours every day!


Traditional incandescent light bulbs operate at just 20% energy efficiency. This means that up to 80% of the electricity used is spent as heat! So are you paying for your workspaces to be illuminated, or for them to be heated?



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