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At Victorian Power Savers, we are committed to helping our clients achieve greater energy efficiency and cost savings for their businesses. We are an accredited Victorian Energy Upgrades operator, and can provide new clients with free energy assessments to help them determine the suitability of their premises for a professional lighting upgrade.

We have helped thousands of warehouses, factories, commercial offices and retailers reduce the impact of high-energy costs since 2011. With cost savings and quality kept in mind, we have selected the very best products to offer our clients. Rest assured that you will be receiving the latest and most reliable energy-efficient LED lighting systems.



Our business is accredited by the Victorian Government and we are able to pass significant discounts on to the clients we work with. We have a steadily growing client base that sees our team fitting warehouses and commercial offices alike with energy efficient LED lighting systems. Consider the benefits of lower overheads and greater comfort for your staff and customers when you consider how a more energy efficient LED lighting system could help your business.


Get in touch to schedule a free energy assessment for your business. Victorian Power Savers is always happy to help a new client determine their eligibility for a free LED lighting upgrade.

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