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Preston Toyota


Car Dealership


Yearly Savings:



5-Year Savings:



Previous Yearly Energy Costs:



New Yearly Energy Costs:



Energy Reduction Percentage:


Government Rebate Tier

80% - Covers the majority of the costs to upgrade

Business Summary

Preston Toyota operates a used a new car sales dealership, alongside a servicing and repairs division. The showroom is modern and well presented, supported by friendly and professional staff. The dealership itself offers many options for prospective car buyers and is the perfect place to find the latest model Toyota vehicles.

Upgrade Summary

Victorian Power Savers was engaged to design a lighting upgrade that would reduce the financial impact of high energy costs and increase the light levels for the mechanics and sales staff. Through the use of our computer aided design software, an upgrade was developed, featuring the 155w Philips Green Perform LED highbay and the 10.5w Philips LED tube. The lighting was upgraded by our team of qualified electricians and then audited by our designers. The lighting audit discovered that the light output had risen to compliant levels, measuring in at 404 lux, where the overall energy consumption had been reduced by 72%. The upgrade was welcomed by the mechanics and sales staff and has proven to be a great success.

Light Types & Improvements

Old Light Model

Old Light Quantity

Old Light Level

New Light Model

New Light Quantity

New Light Level

400w Metal Halide Highbay

36w Fluorescent Tubes



244 lux

237 lux

155w Philips Green Perform LED Highbay

10.5w Philips LED Tube



404 lux

389 lux

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