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Melton South Primary School




Yearly Savings:



5-Year Savings:



Previous Yearly Energy Costs:



New Yearly Energy Costs:



Energy Reduction Percentage:


Government Rebate Tier

100% - Covers all the costs to upgrade

Business Summary

Melton South Primary School has served the community for 94 years. With over 80 staff and 750 students, the Melton South Primary School provides a co-education system for Prep through to Grade 6. The primary school focuses on supporting the students through a wide range of subjects, ranging from Performing Arts & Arts & Technology to Physical Education and Sports.

Upgrade Summary

Victorian Power Savers was called upon to help design an LED lighting system that would be energy efficient and affordable for the Primary School. The designers worked towards ensuring that the correct lighting levels were maintained, while focusing on reducing the business' operating costs. It was decided that the existing fluorescent lighting would be retrofitted to the highly efficient 10.5w Philips LED Tubes. Our team of electricians rolled out the update over a weekend, followed by our designers returning for the post installation lighting audit. The lighting audit identified that the light levels had increased by 99%, with a 76% reduction in energy consumption. The Primary School was eligible for a Tier 1 - 100% rebate, which means that the entire cost of the upgrade is covered by the rebates enabled through the VEET scheme. The faculty returned on the Monday and was amazed with the transformation of their offices and classrooms.

Light Types & Improvements

Old Light Model

Old Light Quantity

Old Light Level

New Light Model

New Light Quantity

New Light Level

36w Fluorescent Tubes


188 lux

10.5w Philips LED Tube


375 lux

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