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Essendon Nissan


Car Dealership


Yearly Savings:



5-Year Savings:



Previous Yearly Energy Costs:



New Yearly Energy Costs:



Energy Reduction Percentage:


Government Rebate Tier

100% - Covers all the costs to upgrade

Business Summary

The Essendon Nissan dealership is a part of the dealership hub in Essendon Fields. Within the dealership you will be greeted by polite and professional staff who will guide you through the diverse range of Nissan vehicles.

Upgrade Summary

The Essendon Nissan workshop required the installation of a new compliant LED lighting system. The team at Victorian Power Savers was consulted to design and install a system in alignment with the AS 1680 lighting standard and the building design brief. Our lighting design identified that in order to best suit all specifications, the product of choice was the 120w Primsal Titan LED Highbay. Once our team of qualified electricians installed the new lighting, the subsequent lighting audit identified an increase in light levels by 60% and a reduction in energy consumption by 72%. This installation was eligible for the Tier 1 - 100% rebate, which means that the entire cost of the upgrade was covered by the government rebates.

Light Types & Improvements

Old Light Model

Old Light Quantity

Old Light Level

New Light Model

New Light Quantity

New Light Level

400w Metal Halide Highbay


246 lux

120w Primsal Titan LED Highbay


393 lux

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