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Australian Select Timbers




Yearly Savings:



5-Year Savings:



Previous Yearly Energy Costs:



New Yearly Energy Costs:



Energy Reduction Percentage:


Government Rebate Tier

100% - Covers all the costs to upgrade

Business Summary

Australian Select Timbers deal in the sale of premium quality timber flooring products. The business stocks over 200 different types of timber products, including laminates and solid timber boards. With a reputation for excellence, Australian Select Timber products are sought out for high profile timber flooring installations.

Upgrade Summary

Victorian Power Savers provided lighting design and installation services to Australian Select Timbers. As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence, the entire upgrade was designed and analysed through our computer aided design software. From the report, it was obvious that the warehouse would benefit by replacing the existing 400w metal halide highbays with brand new 120w Primsal LED highbays. Upon completion of the installation, the lighting audit indicated a 69% increase in light levels, followed by a 72% reduction in energy demand for the lighting system. This project was also eligible for a Tier 1 - 100% rebate, which enables the entire cost of the upgrade to be covered through the VEET scheme.

Light Types & Improvements

Old Light Model

Old Light Quantity

Old Light Level

New Light Model

New Light Quantity

New Light Level

400w Metal Halide Highbay

400w Metal Halide Floodlight



142 lux

0 lux

120w Primsal Titan LED Highbay

100w Primsal Darkstar LED Floodlight



240 lux

80 lux

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