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Airport Toyota


Car Dealership


Yearly Savings:



5-Year Savings:



Previous Yearly Energy Costs:



New Yearly Energy Costs:



Energy Reduction Percentage:


Government Rebate Tier

100% - Covers all costs of upgrade

Business Summary

Airport Toyota is part of the illustrious Essendon Fields car dealership group. The business has been supplying and servicing Toyota vehicles since 2005 and has built a reputation of quality and professionalism.

Upgrade Summary

Airport Toyota consulted our experts at Victorian Power Savers, to help design and install a new efficient lighting system that would meet the stringent standards of the Essendon Fields dealerships. Our lighting designers utilised the latest compliant lighting design software to accurately simulate the proposed lighting system. Further to our commitment to excellence, our team conducted LED Highbay trials to ensure that the real time lighting characteristics were in alignment with our computer aided design. It was decided that the best suited fitting would be the 120w Primsal LED highbay. The final result saw the average lux across the working plane exceed the requirements in the design brief by 20 lux, all while reducing the energy demand by an amazing 72%.

Light Types & Improvements

Old Light Model

Old Light Quantity

Old Light Level

New Light Model

New Light Quantity

New Light Level

400W Metal Halide Highbay


250 lux

120W Primsal Titan LED Highbay


420 lux

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