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Philips Green Perform Highbay

Philips Green Perform Gen 3

Green Perform.jpg

The Philips Green Perform is a wide beam, high lumen output LED highbay. It is ideal for use in warehouses and manufacturing areas.


The Green Perform has a colour temperature of 4000k and a CRI of 80>, which is perfect for work that requires accurate colour rendering.

Philips are known world wide for their innovative designs and market leading LED technology. The Philips Green Perform Highbay extends upon that. With Xitanium driver technology, you can rest assured that you will receive an excellent performer backed by a dependable brand.


The Philips Green Perform comes with a 5-year warranty.

For additional savings, the Green Perform highbay is compatible with various occupancy and daylight harvesting sensors. 


Wattage: 120w - 155w

Lumens: 16,000 - 20,000 Lumens

Rated Lifetime: 50,000+ Hours

Colour: 4000k - Warm White

Protection: IP65 (Dust Proof, Splash Proof)

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