Solar Power

When it comes to solar energy, Victorian Power Savers takes the lead with its state of the art solutions. Victorian Power Saver's solar panels have helped multiple institutional, industrial and commercial customers bring about feasible solar power solutions. Investment in solar panels ensures a huge reduction in electricity bills.

We offer excellent quality smart solar panels and expanded the further commercial, industrial and residential offering.

Complete your solar panel installation with Victorian Power Savers and take the multiple advantages:-

Reduced installations cost and time.
Intense mapping of the physical site layout in monitoring platform.
More energy production and advanced energy features.
Reduction to all type of panel power losses.
Energy output enhancement of every panel.

Product Range

Our LED Products include high quality and reliable key components. This means they are market-leading in terms of energy efficiency, performance, and reliability and have the lowest failure rates in the market.


The LED Products in our standard LED lighting range include the following:


LED High Bay Lights

Flood Lights

LED Tube Lights

LED Panel Light

LED Batten Light

LED Retail Lighting

LED Downlights

LED Oyster lights


If you don’t see a product within in our range that will suit your business, get in touch and we will do our best to help.


We have replaced conventional lighting with our LED products at many businesses including offices, car dealerships, retail, education, warehouses, health and fitness, manufacturing, and food industry.


If you are interested in significantly reducing lighting's energy usage and would like to improve the environment for your staff and clients, contact us for a free energy assessment.