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Primsal Titan Highbay

Primsal Titan


The Primsal LED highbay is a premium highbay, suitable for use in warehouses, workshops and manufacturing plants.


The colour temperature is 5000k - Daylight, with a CRI of 80. This enables excellent colour rendering for any tasks carried out below the Primsal Titan LED Highbay. With a very efficient light output, the Primsal Titan highbay is brighter than conventional 400w highbay lamps.

For further savings, the Primsal Titan highbay is compatible with a highly effective motion and daylight harvester sensor.

If reliability and solid output is your goal, you cannot go wrong with the Titan.


This fitting is covered by Primsal's 5-year warranty


Wattage: 100w - 240w

Lumens: 10,000 - 30,000 Lumens

Rated Lifetime: 50,000+ Hours

Colour: 5000k - Daylight

Protection: IP65 (Dust Proof, Splash Proof)

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