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Lightplanet Floodlight

Lightplanet Flood.jpg

Lightplanet Floodlight

Lightplanet's new floodlight series aims to replace the traditional floodlights found around the perimeter of industrial and commercial buildings. The IP65 rating and heat dissipation architecture, ensure that it will hold up to harsh Australian conditions. With high quality Nichia LED microchips and a Mean Well driver, the Lightplanet Floodlight is sure to perform year after year.

This fitting is supported by Lightplanet's 5-year manufacturer warranty.


Wattage: 50w-200w

Lumens: 6,000 - 26,000 Lumens

Rated Lifetime: 50,000+ Hours

Colour: 5000k - Daylight

Protection: IP65 (Dust Proof, Splash Proof)

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