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Emerald Planet Modular Flood

EP Modular Flood.jpg

Emerald Planet Modular Flood

The Emerald Planet Modular Flood is ideal for settings requiring high light output and a high degree of reliability. The Modular Flood is the perfect option for sporting fields, airports and car parks. The fitting has been developed with excellent heat dissipation and incorporates the highly dependable Philips LED microchips. It is no wonder that the rated lifespan exceeds 60,000+ hours.

This fitting is supported by Emerald Planet's 5-year manufacturer warranty.


Wattage: 200w-600w

Lumens: 26,821 - 75,645 Lumens

Rated Lifetime: 60,000+ Hours

Colour: 5000k - Daylight

Protection: IP65 (Dust Proof, Splash Proof)

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