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At Victorian Power Savers, we focus on helping businesses across Victoria achieve better energy efficiency with energy saving products which helps cut power bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Whether you run an industrial warehouse or commercial office, consider our offer of a free energy assessment to see if your business can benefit from a professional energy efficiency upgrade.

Saved Victorians over $100 million on energy costs 

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Why choose

victorian energy rebate- $250 energy rebate


At Victorian Power Savers, we are passionate about lighting. We have thousands of successful projects under our belt and can confidently approach even the most complex lighting upgrade. Throughout the years, we’ve found that good lighting is something that can easily be taken for granted. Most people only notice the lights when they stop working! As a business owner, you would likely understand how crucial a good lighting system is. Whether you run an industrial space like a warehouse, or keep a product showcase as a retailer, an efficient lighting system plays a crucial role in keeping any business operational.

Energy Efficiency For Businesses


Warehouses, factories, and commercial office spaces make for perfect examples. The bustle of an industrial or commercial space has little to do with lighting. Yet without an effective lighting system to keep your areas illuminated, most business owners would shudder to think about the safety and comfort issues that would likely arise as a result. Apart from ensuring the sustained functionality of your lighting systems, did you know that an energy efficient lighting system such as LED panel light could help your business save up to 80% on your annual electricity consumption?

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This Is How It Works

Our team at Victorian Power Savers will work to provide your business with an energy efficient lighting upgrade. We are accredited under the government’s Victorian Energy Upgrades program and are happy to provide new clients with free energy assessments to help them determine whether their business could benefit from a professional lighting upgrade. ​We are committed to helping our clients reduce the impact of inefficient energy costs. Apart from providing free energy assessments, we keep a wide range of leading lighting products and brands to suit the needs of your business.


Get in touch with us by filling out our contact form and we’ll be happy to help you make the switch to greater energy efficiency and lower overheads for your operations today.

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